ToughMet® 3 - CuNi15Sn8 alloy - C72900 - C96900 - ABS 5849 - ABS 5152


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Toughmet ® 3 is a beryllium-free copper alloy that hardens by spinodal decomposition during heat treatment. This alloy can be an alternative to CuBe2 as it combines high mechanical properties, high resistance to friction, seizure, wear and corrosion.

This alloy is produced and processed by Materion in the USA.

Stainless has a range of sizes and grades in stock to suit your application needs.

This product can also be custom made or cut into slugs by our service centres.

Main applications

ToughMet®3 has very good corrosion resistance, low coefficients of friction and very high hardness for a copper alloy. It is heat resistant up to 300°C depending on the condition.

Aeronautics: joint rings subject to high loads, screws, ball joint elements, hinge parts.
Others: oil research probes, connecting rod bearings, pins and ball joints for construction equipment.


The grade is fine-grained and homogeneous in the AT and TS states. The typical microstructure in the AT condition is shown below:

ToughMet®3 : Alliage CuNi15Sn8 - C72900 - C96900


ToughMet® 3 is less heat conductive than standard copper alloys, so it is advisable to use sufficient coolant to remove heat. A positive rake angle is strongly recommended.

Heat treatments
All products supplied in ToughMet®3 are already heat treated at the factory and can be used without additional heat treatment.

Corrosion resistance

ToughMet®3 alloy is highly resistant to corrosion in marine environments.  It complies with NACE MR0175/ ISO 15156. The alloy has excellent resistance to pitting and is not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement.

Standard Sizes

Round bars, tubes, wire and flat bars in treated condition – surface ground or peeled.
Other shapes: Coils


Copper Beryllium

STM25 – alliage M25
ST190 – alliage 190

ST60 – alliage 60

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Toughmet3 AT

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