Alliage 60 - Brush®60 - CuNi1Be0,3 - C17460 - Strips


Materion’s Alloy 60 or Brush60® is a beryllium copper alloy available in strip form that combines high electrical conductivity, mechanical strength and hot durability. The mechanical and electrical properties of this alloy are far superior to those of copper alloys with phosphorus, silicon, aluminium or even copper-nickel.

The alloy is supplied pre-processed at the factory, which allows the products to be produced directly from strip without further heat treatment. The alloy is produced and processed by Materion in the USA.

Stainless has a range of sizes in stock to suit your processing requirements. This product can also be custom made after slitting by our service centre.

Main applications

Alloy 60 is used in particular in electronic contactors and applications in the datacom, telecommunications and automotive connector markets.
Connections: electrical contacts, relays.


Alloy 60 is supplied in the 3/4HT or HT mill pretreated condition, no heat treatment is required after forming. The forming is isotropic in terms of formability with an identical R/t ratio in both long and cross direction.


Beryllium is a chemical element, which can present health risks when inhaled, especially in the form of fine dust. Special precautions must be taken during processing which leads to the production of dust. Grinding should be carried out under heavy watering and welding (not recommended) should be carried out under effective suction. Welding is not recommended.

Heat treatment
No treatment is necessary on this alloy which is pre-treated in the factory (mill hardened).

Corrosion resistance

Alloy 60 is highly resistant to corrosion.

Standard Sizes

Strips: thicknesses and widths according to available stock or on manufacture.
Typical thickness range: 0.05 – 2.03mm


Copper Beryllium

STM25 – alliage M25
ST190 – alliage 190

ST60 – alliage 60

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