Institut de formation STAINLESS

STAINLESS Training Institute


To offer STAINLESS customers or prospects an additional service by proposing technical training on the products using our knowledge of the producers and their processes, but also our experience on the applications in the various markets. We are attentive to customer expectations and can also adapt and design specific training courses for them. Technical expertise that allows STAINLESS to support its national and international customers.

_ Explain the basics of metallurgy and the alloys used to the uninitiated.
_ Deep dive into raw material knowledge for buyers.
_ Help design offices choose the most suitable grades and treatments for their products.
_ Know how to decipher a material certificate, tests and the requirements of a standard.

STAINLESS Training Institute

The Stainless training institute offers training courses for professionals (from beginners to experts) in the following areas:


Standard training

_ General metallurgy (from ore to finished product)
_ Alloys for the medical market (implantable grades, grades for instruments and ancillaries)
_ Copper alloys for the aerospace market


Customised training

_ Stainless steels
_ Titanium and Titanium alloys
_ Cobalt-based alloys
_ Nickel-based alloys
_ Copper alloys
_ Metallic powders for additive manufacturing
_ Multi-metal strips…

Activity registration number: 27250344925

Training details


_ Metallurgy beginners or experts,
_ Buyers, suppliers,
_ Design office technicians,…
_ Other,…


_ Instructor who has a metallurgy PhD and over 25 years of experience in the industry.
_ Active teaching: permanent exchange between trainees and the instructor.
_ Teaching materials: presentations, digital tools, video, samples, etc.
_ Each trainee is given paper format teaching materials


_ English
_ French

Terms and conditions

_ Training given on your site or at STAINLESS
_ 7 hours course
_ Offer available all year round
_ Classes of 2 to 8 people maximum
_ Final MCQ assessment
_ Possibility of payment by your professional training organisation


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