Elgiloy® – Phynox®- 2.4711
Cobalt-Chrome according to ASTM F105/ - ISO 5832-7


The Elgiloy® or Phynox® cobalt-based alloy has excellent corrosion resistance as well as very high mechanical properties with a maximum resistance that can reach nearly 2600 MPa and good fatigue resistance. The grade is very resistant to corrosion, is biocompatible and has very good resistance to high temperatures up to 450°C.

Stainless has in stock qualified European or American sources as well as different diameters or thicknesses that will allow you to best meet your needs in terms of implementation. This product can also be made to measure or cut into pieces by our service centers.

Each material is delivered with its producer certificate of origin in order to guarantee you total transparency and complete traceability.

Main applications

Due to its recognized biocompatibility in the medical field, the grade is used in the manufacture of implants (prostheses, stents, etc.) obtained by machining. Other fields of application include watchmaking, chemicals, dentistry, petroleum, industry, springs, etc.

The material is available in the form of bars, wires or strips in the annealed state, cold worked for small diameters or well aged.


The development processes associated with the transformation processes make it possible to obtain a homogeneous face-centered cubic-type microstructure with a fine grain of at least index 5 for medical applications. The shade is generally elaborated by a vacuum elaboration followed by a remelting which makes it very clean and homogeneous.


Machining this grade requires suitable equipment and tools (carbide tools). Moderate cutting speeds will be preferred. Welding is also possible on this grade.

The high level of inclusion cleanliness and the homogeneity of the microstructure of this grade allow optimum polishing.

Heat treatments
Aging on the previously work-hardened states takes place at around 500°C for approximately 4 hours. The hardening during aging is all the higher as the initial work hardening is significant.

Corrosion resistance

The grade is very resistant to generalized corrosion and also to pitting thanks to its high chromium and molybdenum content associated with its low rate of inclusions. The grade is also very insensitive to hydrogen embrittlement.

Standard Sizes

3m Round Bars in Annealed, Hard Worked or Aged Condition – Peeled or Ground Surface
Yarns – Strips