Titane grade 4 (T60) - 3.7035


Titanium grade 4 (T60) has low density, very good biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. The grade can be easily shaped, for example by stamping.

Stainless has a number of qualified sources in stock as well as different sizes and formats to suit your processing needs. This product can also be made to measure or cut into slugs by our service centres.

Each material is delivered with its producer’s certificate of origin in order to guarantee you total transparency and complete traceability.

Main applications

The grade can be used wherever corrosion resistance is required in the chemical industry, marine environments or medical implants. The material is available in the annealed condition for all sizes. The grade is susceptible to galling and is not recommended for applications with friction under load.


The production processes combined with the transformation processes make it possible to obtain a homogeneous alpha microstructure with a fine grain. The typical microstructure is shown below:

Titane grade 4 (T60) - 3.7035


The grade can be hot forged below Beta transus (<900°C). Machining of this grade requires sufficient watering to limit heating and avoid chlorinated lubricants which weaken the grade. The grade is weldable with pure titanium wires in an inert atmosphere.

The grade can be welded with pure titanium filler wire under an inert atmosphere. TIG, plasma or laser welding is possible.

Heat treatments
Annealing can be carried out from 600°C after forging. However, this treatment must remain under control so as not to degrade the quality of the microstructure. After annealing, the oxidised surface is removed mechanically or chemically to remove the contamination layer (alpha case).

Corrosion resistance

The grade is highly resistant to general corrosion and also to pitting. Chlorinated solvents should be avoided. Titanium is also susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement, so it is important to limit any hydrogen input during heat treatment or chemical pickling processes.

Standard Sizes

3m round bars annealed – Surface ground or peeled
Flat bars made to measure or forged blocks in the annealed state (consult us)
Powders – Sheets – Wires – Tubes – Strips