Stainless Speciality Markets : For exceptional performance !

Formula 1Armed with the quality of its products, and geared to the needs of its customers, STAINLESS volunteers its know-how to those industries such as Defence, Motorsport, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Space, Watchmaking...

In particular, the company draws upon its range of stainless steels and nickel base strip, as well as rare metals such as tantalum and the memory alloy Nitinol, to satisfy the more specific technical demands of its customers.

Our beryllium-copper and ToughMet® alloys, in bar and tube form, provide the biggest names in Formula 1 and oil exploration with the high performance characteristics essential for engines and MWD devices subjected to extreme service conditions.

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The support afforded by Stainless’ Technical Application Dept allows the most demanding of industries to optimise the choice and use of materials.

Putting their faith in us :

Renault, MBDA, Schlumberger, CEA, Nexter, etc...


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