When a new A380 takes off, when Renault takes the chequered flag and when a surgeon replaces a hip joint, STAINLESS is there.

For 80 years, STAINLESS has led the way in the supply of high performance steels and alloys. As sole agent, stockist and distributor, serving some of the biggest names in the business, STAINLESS combines renowned material quality with exceptional customer service.


Its wide product range, varied product form (bar, tube, strip, sheet) and global distribution network ensure it is ideally positioned to support high value applications requiring technical excellence, and in particular those found in the Medical, Micro-electronic and Aerospace fields.

In the world of high technology,
STAINLESS stands out.


News Bulletin : STAINLESS acquires the German company FRÜCHTL-KRONOS, strengthening its international presence.

STAINLESS acquires the German company FRÜCHTL-KRONOS

A landmark date for both companies

On 20th June 2016 STAINLESS, a supplier of international renown in the field of high performance metallic materials, signed an agreement for the acquisition of FRÜCHTL KRONOS GmbH & Co, a German company specialising in the supply of special steels.

Two reputable suppliers making a perfect match

Created in 1972, FRÜCHTL is based in Esslingen am Neckar (Baden-Wurttemberg) just outside Stuttgart. Initially a local supplier, FRÜCHTL has grown into a major international distributor of special alloys to the automotive, mechanical engineering and medical markets. The facility incorporates a range of sawing machines allowing it to supply sawn blanks to customer specified lengths. Established in 1928, STAINLESS has developed into a leading supplier of high performance alloys destined for the most demanding applications. From Dannemarie-sur- Crete in France, site of the Head Office and main depot, STAINLESS distributes its products throughout the world. These products range from stainless steels, cobalt-chromium and titanium for the medical market to copper alloys and superalloys for the aerospace and micro-technical markets.

A policy of international growth

The acquisition of FRÜCHTL comes 8 months after the purchase of HEPTAL (Paris) with its strong position in the titanium market and the assets of which have recently been relocated to Dannemarie-sur-Crête. The current expansion into Germany is a logical development in the strengthening of STAINLESS’ position in the sector of high performance alloys. With the incorporation of FRÜCHTL, STAINLESS extends further its product range and reinforces its international credentials. The new group will comprise 50 staff and more than 1000 tonnes of stock. Turnover will increase to 35 million Euros spread across the various markets such as medical, automotive, aerospace, energy and micro-technical but the aims never change: to give excellent service and excellent customer support.

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Joëlle Verdier,
President of STAINLESS

Dagmar Zenner,
President of FRÜCHTL


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