Stainless Microelectronic and connector industry : Miniaturisation and performance enhancement

Quality, reliability and innovation give STAINLESS the lead in the field of microelectronic and connector industry. Its expertise in small diameters for screw-machining, very thin strip – down to 5 microns (0.0002”) – and its slitting capability give it a decided advantage. Its material range extends from beryllium-copper to superalloys, from stainless steels to titanium, from Nitinol to ToughMet®, as well as copper alloys, tantalum and numerous other grades.


Ever smaller, ever more accurate; component miniaturisation is a major goal for all of our markets: Datacom-Telecoms, Electronics, Automobile, Aerospace, Medical, Watchmaking...

STAINLESS offers clad metal solutions obtained by co-rolling, electron beam welding, electrolytic deposition and overlay brazing, thereby allowing its customers to reduce component manufacturing costs, through the elimination of post-weld finishing operations.

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Nitinol now available in continuous strip. (exclusive to TMI)


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